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How Different Cultures and Traditions Welcome New Year

You might be planning to celebrate new year eve with your friends, colleagues or family at some party place or might be some well-known place where people usually gather in for this day. But have you ever wondered how people across the globe welcome the new year. This blog will give you hind site on how people from different countries celebrate their new year eve.

What People do in United States during New Year Eve

Americans generally gather around their television to watch the ball drop It is a time ball that can be located in Times Square in New York City. The ball, which is on the roof of One Times Square, is a key component of the Times Square ball drop, a New Year’s Eve event in which a ball is dropped from a specially constructed flagpole at midnight to mark the beginning of a new year.

New Year

Brazilian New Year’s Eve

One of the best New Year’s Eve celebrations in the world is undoubtedly the one in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro has the largest fireworks show in the world, and also summer will be in at full at this time (benefits of living in the Southern Hemisphere), so you can spend a beautiful week lazing in the warm waters of the Brazilian coastline.

Brazilian New Year

Spain’s New Year’s Eve Tradition, And Superstition

Eating the grapes practically ensures that the new year will begin with a adrenaline boost and maybe some humor. The toughest problem is probably not gagging as you stuff them in your mouth and try to swallow while laughing uncontrollably, even while the goal of getting the 12 grapes down in time might inspire a competition of who is more manly around the table.

Spain’s New Year’s

How Indians celebrate new year eve

India is one of the most diversified countries in the world in terms of ethnicity, culture and language. So you will find many different ways of celebrating new year. you will notice in towns and cities will be people wear vibrant clothing and participate in entertaining activities like singing, playing games, dancing, and going to parties. There are individuals of all ages in nightclubs, movie theatres, resorts, restaurants, and theme parks.

Indians celebrate new year

French way of celebrating new year

December 31 is known as La Saint Sylvestre. Le Réveillon de Saint-Sylvestre is another name for the celebration on New Year’s Eve.

From quiet meals with friends to “une soirée dansante” in the style of a Grande ball, there are many different types of French New Year’s celebrations. Occasionally, your neighbourhood hotel hosts a special event with delicious treats and festoon for New Year’s Eve in France.

French way of celebrating new year

Danish Tradition and custom of celebrating new year

On New Year’s Eve, the Danish have a very old custom of breaking dishes on friends’ and family’s doorsteps. This custom, which is actually practised in several European nations, determines how lucky you are by counting the number of friends you have.

Danish celebrating new year

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