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link aadhaar with voter list

rajkot update news : link-aadhaar-with-voter-list

Rajkot latest news sources In order to prevent fraudulent voting and maintain accurate voter records, the Indian government has been pushing for the linking of the Aadhaar card with voter ID. Rajkot news update A voter ID card is a document that the Election Commission of India (ECI) issues to qualified voters, whereas an Aadhaar card is a 12-digit unique identifying number that acts as confirmation of identity and residence.

There are now more alternatives available to citizens, making the process of connecting an Aadhaar card with a voter ID by the Rajkot update News easier. The most widely used method of connecting the two papers is through the National Voter Service Portal (NVSP). Using the NVSP, Indian citizens can register to vote and cast ballots online keep internet records of voters. Users must go to the portal and follow the instructions to link their Aadhaar with their voter ID on the NVSP.

Users must first provide their registered username and password to log into the NVSP. They can sign up as a new user by providing their mobile number, EPIC number, and other information if they don’t already have an account. They can choose Form 6B, fill out their personal information, and submit their Aadhaar number after logging in. A reference number will be given so that you may monitor the progress of your application.

SMS can also be used to complete the voter ID and Aadhaar connectivity process. Users must send an SMS in the following format: ECILINKSPACE>EPIC No.>SPACE>Aadhaar No.> to 166 OR 51969. They would get an SMS confirming the connection between Aadhaar and voter identification.

They can make an application to their appropriate Booth Level Officer (BLO) if they would rather link the papers offline. Following the BLO’s verification, the provided information will be reflected in the records. On the NVSP website, enter the EPIC number to find the BLO.

The Voter Helpline App is another way to connect Aadhaar and voter ID. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. After setting it up, users must click on the “Electoral Authentication Form (Form 6B)” and choose the “Voter Registration” option. They can then choose “Yes I Have Voter ID” after entering the OTP, the cellphone number associated with their Aadhaar card, and the mobile number. once they have cast their vote
Linking Aadhaar with voter ID has many benefits, including:

Eliminating fraudulent voting: By ensuring that each voter has only one vote, linking Aadhaar with voter ID helps eliminate fraudulent voting.

Proof of citizenship: Since voter identification cards are only granted to Indian nationals, linking Aadhaar with them serves as proof of citizenship.

Linking your Aadhaar to your voter ID serves as proof of address if you don’t have a permanent residence address.

Linking Aadhaar with voter identification acts as an acknowledgement that you are a registered voter.

It is significant to highlight that the government has not mandated the linking of Aadhaar and voter identification, and there are no application fees for doing so. Linking the documents is still advised because it helps to keep correct voter records and stop fraudulent voting.

In conclusion, the process of tying Aadhaar to voter ID is crucial for maintaining correct voter data and preventing fraud. The NVSP, SMS, Voter Helpline App, and offline filing of an application to the BLO are just a few alternatives available to link the two documents.

rajkot update news : link-aadhaar-with-voter-list