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Love: Begin of New Journey


Do you think Bollywood movies drive our life so much?

Well, the answer is “yes”

But life is not like Bollywood movies: “Kabir Singh ki Tarah end me Preeti mil jaayegi or happy ending”.

A year ago, we (I and Bhumi) broke up. We had 4 years of relationship. All was going well but then suddenly covid came between our love and we had to come back home. During the lockdown, she met Aditya on Instagram. As time passed, she started feeling love for Aditya. One day she came and told me about Aditya. The day she told me about him, I felt cheated on that day.

Now the story begins, how did I move on? 

I lay on my bed and thought about her. I was getting frustrated thinking about her again and again “ki usne asa kyu Kiya, woh thodi naa asa kr skti hai, nahi yrr woh baaps aajaaegi, phle Bhi to kitni bar ldaai hui hai tab to nahi Gayi chord KR to ab Kaise chle jaayegi”. These thoughts made me depressed the whole time. But she was pursuing her BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) so she was busy and I was in my gap year so I had nothing to do except think about her.

One month passed and I was still stalking her and getting angry because I couldn’t do anything. I noticed gradually reduced my sleeping time and I was losing control over my feelings. As I saw in movies or web series how heroes start having temporary affairs, I did the same. I met Sneha and after a month we got physical. That day I realise that It become harder for me. I don’t know why, maybe because it’s a natural process and it takes time until you accept the fact. I was physical with Sneha but the whole time I was thinking about Bhumi only. Around 11 pm I called Sneha and told her I can’t be with you and told her everything.펨코

Six more months passed and I was still fighting with myself. The harder I was trying the more difficult it became. I started taking sleeping pills every day but one day my brother caught me with those and he started questioning me without taking a breath. Initially, I didn’t tell anything but after 2 hours I told him everything which happened to me in the last six months. He booked an appointment with the Psychiatrist without a second thought.

Three more months passed and I have already gone through so many therapies. To be honest those therapies helped me a little but not completely. But in the end, Doc told me, I have to face the fact and accept it otherwise neither he nor medicine will help me.

Slowly I accepted that I can’t forget her and I have to live with this fact. One more month passed but this time I was feeling better. I took admitted to “Jaipuria” and they gave me so many assignments that now I don’t have time to think about myself.

I am not ending this here but if you want me to write more then, comment “more” in a comment section.

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