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AHMEDABAD: A non-Gandhian and a currently serving governor of Gujarat are expected to be named chancellor for the first time in the 102-year history of Gujarat Vidyapith, which was founded by Mahatma Gandhi. According to a statement made late on Tuesday night, “The governing council of Gujarat Vidyapith unanimously decided to invite state governor Acharya Devvrat to be the next chancellor.”

Nikhil Bhatt, the in-charge registrar, signed the release. In addition, the press release stated that “A Pratinidhi Mandal of vidyapith will meet him to extend the invitation.” If Devvrat agrees, he will be qualified to serve as chancellor for the rest of his life, even after he steps down as governor.

The governing council accepted Ela Bhatt’s resignation from her position as chancellor on Tuesday. A is Bhatt Sewa (Self Employed Women’s Association) was founded by Gandhian, a well-known social activist.

Bhatt will preside over her final convocation ceremony the day before she officially retires, on October 19. The selection of Devvrat, who comes from the RSS, may portend a paradigm shift for the institution’s future as it is the only university in the world founded by Gandhiji.

The governing council met on Tuesday for a total of 4 hours, 35 minutes. Sources claimed that the discussions were serious and occasionally tense.

Rajendra Khimani, the vidyapith vice-chancellor, had added Devvrat’s appointment to the agenda of the meeting. The 24 trustees voted overwhelmingly in favour of him. The majority of these trustees work as vidyapith instructors. Only Six Gandhian trustees reportedly protested the decision vehemently.

Since 1963, Gujarat Vidyapith has been recognised as a university. A senior trustee stated that this was the first time in the organization’s history that there was insufficient resistance to bureaucratic influences while choosing a chancellor.

Gandhiji, his close friends, and Gandhians including Morarji Desai, Prof. Ramlal Parikh, Dr. Sushilabahen Nayair, Navinchandra Barot, Navalbhai Shah, Ravindra Varma, and Narayan Desai have all served as chancellor in the past.

Following the University Grants Commission’s vehement opposition to the governing council’s selection of Khimani, a former registrar of Vidyapith, as vice-chancellor, Vidyapith made headlines.

It was decided upon in June 2021. His immediate expulsion had been requested by the UGC due to procedural errors in his During his time as registrar, Khimani made mistakes regarding the “administrative and financial functioning” of the vidyapith. Khimani filed a petition with the high court against the UGC’s opposition.

The case was dismissed by the high court on September 21. Based on the UGC report, the court ordered Vidyapith to “pass appropriate orders” within eight weeks. Governor Devvrat will be invited to Gujarat Vidyapith, a Mahatma Gandhi-founded institution, to serve as its chancellor.

Mahatma Gandhi founded Gujarat Vidyapith, a prestigious institution, in 1920. The school’s governing body stated its intention to welcome Gujarat’s current governor, Acharya Devvrat. He will take up the responsibilities of the university’s 12th Chancellor. This choice was made after a protracted council meeting, nighttime event held. Continue reading about Governor Acharya Devvrat will be invited to the Gujarat Vidyapeeth established by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920.

Ela Bhatt, the current Chancellor, was accepted to resign, the council further revealed. The Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) was founded by Ela Bhatt, a respected Gandhian and social crusader. SEWA is an organisation committed to the welfare of low-income, independent women.

The Ahmedabad-based University said in a news release that “in our meeting on October 4, we made the decision, after careful consideration, to respect Ela Bhatt’s feelings and accept her resignation as Chancellor.” The institution has also declared that Bhatt will remain in her position through October 19.

According to the university’s statement
In their statement, the institution also expressed their desire to invite Governor Acharya Devvrat to enter the the 12th Chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapith’s function. A delegation from the institution will formally invite the Governor in order to accomplish this. According to information provided by Gujarat Vidyapith Kulpati

Bhatt, who is 89 years old, recently announced her resignation from her position and urged the university board to appoint a replacement. She was chosen to lead this Gandhian institute in March 2015 and is a Ramon Magsaysay award laureate. He took over as Chancellor in place of Narayan Desai. This is the reason why Gujarat Vidyapith Ahmedabad is currently in the headlines.

On October 18, 1920, Mahatma Gandhi established the Gujarat Vidyapith. He served as the institution’s Chancellor for Life. Since then, notable figures including Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, and Morarji Desai have honoured the the 102-year history of the university. In June 2019, Acharya Devvrat took over as the governor of Gujarat after serving as the governor of Himachal Pradesh. Other sites might provide you with additional information on

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