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See Clearly Now: A Comprehensive Guide to Cleaning Your Windshield

The windshield protects the driver from natural elements like rain, dust and suspended particles. The windshield, over time, gathers this dust, grime and sand on its surface. Lack of proper cleaning reduces vision and increases the chances of an accident. Therefore, cleaning your windshield is highly important. 

Routinely Cleaning Your Windshield is Necessary

There are many professional-grade car accessories to keep the windshield clean. Some of these accessories clean the windshield and ensure it does not become dirty fast. Some of these accessories also ensure the rain does not stick to the surface, causing streaking and water spots. You can buy a wiper blade to clean the windshield. 

The car wiper comes with a rubber attached to it. The rubber is highly effective in removing water, dust and oil. It keeps the windshield clear and helps the driver have a vision to drive safely. You can control the speed of the wiper to wipe off the water from the windshield. 

Two Cleaning Accessories That You Must Have 

  • Microfiber Towels

 Microfiber towels are very important to the process of cleaning your windshield. It is best to have five of them. Why five? It is best to have multiple to clean the different parts of the car so that you do not transfer the dirt to the clean surface. The microfiber cloths are lint-free and produce little to no streaks. You need not worry about abrasions and scratches. 

  • Windshield Cleaner

The second thing for cleaning your windshield is a windshield cleaner. Select ammonia-based cleaners that maintain the integrity of the windshield. It cleans off all the dirt and dust and ensures that the vision through the windshield is perfect. 

With the accessories in two, you can start the cleaning process. To carry out the cleaning process, ensure you are under a shade. Do not wash and clean the windshield in the Sun. Follow the process given below to make your windshield shine. 

Guide to Cleaning Your Windshield

#Tip 1: Quick Cleaning 

If you want to clean the windshield quickly, take a fresh and dry microfiber cloth. Remove the loose dust and dirt with it. Do not apply too much pressure, or else it will cause abrasion. 

#Tip 2: Deep Clean 

If you want a deeper cleaning, then you need a cleaning solution. It could be homemade, or you can buy a windshield cleaner. It is best to buy a professional-grade cleaner. Spray it on the microfiber cloth and start cleaning. Use circular motions. 

Always start on one side and go to the other side. Make broad strokes to prevent streaks while cleaning your windshield. Use a considerable amount of the cleaner on the microfiber cloth. Do not oversaturate it. You can do it multiple times, depending on the condition of the windshield. 

On average, it is best to do this process twice. Keep a gap of a few minutes before you clean it the second time. Ensure that the cleaner reaches all the corners and crevices of the windshield on the side. Let the cleaner sit for a few minutes before cleaning it off. It will ensure no residue.

#Tip 3: Prevent Streaks and Smudges

The leading cause of why there are streaks is not completely drying the windshield. Also, it may happen due to bad wipers. After cleaning your windshield using microfibers cloths and switching them when they accumulate, dirt ensures no streaks. Also, ensure no dirt build-up so the glass is clear without any streaks. It ensures proper visibility.

#Tip 4: Apply an Even Layer of the Cleaner

Spray a generous amount of the glass cleaner. Ensure that the cleaner is formulated for auto glass. Such cleaners not only clean off all the dirt and contaminants but also leave a shine and a protective lawyer behind. This protective layer ensures that dirt does not stick to the windshield. In case it does, it makes it easy to clean it off. 

Spray a little of the windshield cleaner on the windshield surface. Spray one part of the windshield at a time so that it does dry up by the time you reach that particular surface part of the windshield. Wipe it down before it dries up completely. 

#Tip 5: Use the Microfiber Towel to Remove Light Stains and Dirt

For cleaning your windshield, take the microfiber towel with a little pressure when you wipe it from the top down. Use circular motions to remove the light stains, fingerprints and dust. For regular cleaning, wipe down. Continue wiping until all the dirt and soil are cleaned from the surface. 

#Tip 6: Use a Fresh Microfiber Cloth to Buff Your Finish

Take the second microfiber cloth to wipe away any leftover spray on the windshield. Continue with the buffing process to remove any streaks. It ensures maximum shine and clarity. 

End Note

With the detailed process mentioned above and the correct detailing and cleaning tools from, you can restore the former shine of your windshield. Cleaning your windshield is easy and manageable when you have all the right tools and follows the instructions. 

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