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For inmates, detainees, and convicts in correctional facilities, Smart jail mail is a safe online communication tool. They communicate with their loved ones and friends through this site. Smartjail Mail a technique for immediate communication that is incredibly quick. Furthermore, signing up on their website is free and simple. Numerous services are available, including phone support, trust, electronic messaging, video visitation, and photographs. With your loved ones who are in jail, you can communicate messages, pictures, and documents using this really useful application.

SmartjailMail Login

The smartjail mail login enables simple access to your email account from any computer or mobile device. You only need to enter your username and password to proceed.

To mail prisoners, sign onto your SmartJailMail.com account.

The login page has a simple, uncluttered layout that is easy to use for users of all skill levels.

How to create a Smart Prison Mail account or sign up

Enrol in our Smartjailmail.com service to have all of your emails, images, and videos sent directly to your email account for inmates in jail.

Making an account is simple and free. A username, password, and other details like the user’s name, address, city, state, date of birth, etc. must be chosen. The user receives an email or SMS message to instantly validate his account. Once an account is set up on the Smartmail app, a person can look for convicts, inmates, or detainees without paying anything.

Mobile Mail Services in Smart Jail

The most secure mail service is the Smart Jail Mail App, which employs military-grade encryption. It is also safe to use and secure. You can use secure servers to encrypt mail thanks to it. The email that you send through this secure emailing service will never leave the network.

It offers a range of services, including:

1. A phone number
2. Trust Deposits
3. Email and Text Messages
4. Visitation via video
5. Images

Telephone Service on SmartJailMail:

As a management tool, SmartJail provides convicts with a full complement of integrated telecommunications. The tested solutions make it possible for your facility to improve communication with inmates, including with their friends and relatives, while also enhancing efficiency.

How does the inmate telephone system operate SmartjailMail.com?

However, with the changes occurring in local government and business due to the recession and budget cuts, governments at all levels are looking for more effective ways to provide phone and other technology services, including inmate telephone service. The provision of phones continues to be a crucial service in correctional facilities.
From phones stored in or close proximity to their living locations, the convicts can make calls.

There are two methods for billing for these calls, including:

1. Prepaid collect (PPC): It enables you to deposit money into an account with a specific phone number. If you have money on your PPC account, an inmate may call you immediately.
You will be required to pay for the call from your PPC account when you accept it.

2. Pin Debit Account: An inmate may maintain this account and use the monies therein to make calls to any facility-allowed phone line.

What distinguishes a PPC from a pin debit account?

Your phone can be called by any prisoner with a PPC account. On the other hand, money is deposited into a Pin Debit account so that a prisoner can call anyone. Although, there There are certain prisons that forbid one or both of the two accounts.

Deposit of Trust

Deposits are made to assist prisoners. Trust deposits are frequently made in prisoners’ accounts.

How to configure the Smart Jail Mail app’s Trust Deposit.

1. Register:

Create a free account on the smart mail website with a username and password.

2. Interact with prisoners

You can send requests to prisoners and inmates by searching for them. This may facilitate their interaction. Once the request has been granted, the prisoner’s account can receive the True Deposit.

3. Place Trust Deposits:

After getting to know a prisoner, one may place a True Deposit. Logging in and choosing Trust from the offerings choose the prisoner who will receive the transfer from the options. Next, input the amount you want to send the prisoner.

SmartJailMail for Electronic Messaging

Through this system, the inmates can stay in touch with their loved ones who are not incarcerated. In their institution, they have access to a computer kiosk or tablet for sending and receiving messages. The message can be freely opened and read by the recipient. Each real-time message costs the inmates only 50 cents. On the portal, the person must first register and establish links.

Getting Free Credits for Smartjail Mail

How to obtain free Smartjailmail credits is the most frequently asked question regarding this service.

The answer is that you can obtain it by enrolling in the credits programme on the web. After Once you register, you can send and receive messages online. A debit or credit card may be used to purchase service credits. Additionally, your contacts might beg you to send them free credits so you can quickly respond to them. Although it is on the official website, it functions just like sending an email. Although messages are promptly delivered in real-time, the correctional facility occasionally analyses them first.

Obtain packages

You might ask a friend or family member for packages. When you ask someone to give you a package, they will get an email with directions on how to do so. Additionally, you can make package requests from your loved ones who have already signed up with SmartJail.

Enter your account information and select “Request Package” button at the top of the screen.

Click “Search” after entering the name of the recipient of the package. Select one from the list if there are numerous matches for their name before moving forward with your request.
Visitation video on the smart mail prison

With the help of video visitation in the smartmail jail, you can have a distant video call with a relative or friend who is incarcerated. When booking an inmate visit for remote video visitation, some locations include a lobby or kiosk that can be visited for free. It costs 50 cents per minute to visit an imprisoned online. The detainee must first register and establish relations before he may arrange a visit. However, following guest visiting, the visitor list is kept private.

Physical Visit You must first make a reservation. a prisoner visit recorded on the website’s person visits page. These site visits are provided without cost. The visit’s date, time, and length must all be included. Click the “Confirm and Schedule Visit” button after that. Smart Mail will send you a text message or email with a QuickCode on the day of the visit as a reminder of your inmate visit. The visit will start once both parties have logged into their respective kiosks. Only the predetermined amount of time will be allotted for the prisoner visit.

online from a home computer

On the person visitation page of the portal, you can set up a video visitation. You’ll have to pay credits every minute, and the amount of credits per minute varies depending on where you are. You must first arrange a visit and be specific about the time and length of it. This scheduled visit will be included in the website’s list of upcoming visits. The user must first log into his account on the day of the jail visitation. He can then click “Begin visit” to begin his remote video visit. The inmate visit starts after both sides log in. Once the person’s visitation period is through and their name is added to the exclusive visitor’s list, it will terminate.

Delivering photos with the SmartJailMail app

There is a service for one-way photo delivery. The detainee’s family members can mail him photos for $1 apiece. They must first sign up and establish contacts, as previously said, in order to do this. The The following step is to use a credit card or debit card to acquire service credits online. A minimum of 500 credits must be purchased, and each credit costs one penny. After then, the user can transmit images using the website for Smartmail Jail. Each photo is initially examined by the facility staff, who have the discretion to accept or reject it. If the person’s photo is rejected, the facility will return his credit. Compared to images sent by regular postal mail, these photos are delivered more quickly.

Search a prisoner

Visit the official website to look for an inmate after activating your account. Add the necessary information, then write it down and submit it.

Please enter the following information to search:

Inmate’s / Detainee’s ID Number
Partial name
Date of birth

You can just leave the details blank if you don’t know them.

Instead, to get more information, you can search by simply entering your first and/or last name.

Inmate search using smartjailmail


The only thing you really need to know is that it’s usually a good idea to write down your passwords in the proper order, after some metadata, and to hide them properly. This is also helpful if you actually forget them, which happens to everyone occasionally. Don’t put them on any post-it notes, please. A password manager is safer than anything else, yet it can and will be hacked.

How do I send mail with Smartjail mail?

Enter your recipient’s information after selecting the Compose icon from the Inbox tab.Enter your email address in the To area and hit Send.

How do you get email?

You must enter your email address on the settings page in order to receive emails. To do this, click the symbol in the upper-left corner of the screen to bring up the Settings panel, and then select the Add Email button. Enter your email address in the pop-up window that displays, then select Save Changes.

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